About Bumps to Bundles

I’m Christine and I am a Home Assistant for Mums. I am a Mum myself living in Dunfermline, Fife. I have always been maternal, from a young age, and always aspired to work around little ones.

My inspiration

My inspiration for my business comes from when I had just delivered my first born, I had a traumatic delivery and was very protective of her. When anyone came to visit they offered to take the baby out for a walk or hold the baby so I could get some house work done, all I wanted was to cuddle my new baby, bond with this new tiny little person, and I also wanted and needed to recover. I was exhausted, you are always told “sleep when the baby sleeps” but there’s housework and washing always needing done.

So this is where I want to help, you sit and enjoy those precious first moments with your new baby, take time to bond, relax and soak in every bit of motherhood and also take time to heal and recover, whilst I take care of some household chores.

Becoming a Mum is tough, whether it be the first or the fifth time. I hate to think of any new Mummy feeling alone or overwhelmed. If you are feeling this way please get in touch. Also I am available to Mummy’s-to-be who are struggling with their pregnancy, being pregnant is exhausting, whether you feel too nauseous to move or your bump is too uncomfortable to manoeuvre housework around, so if I can help at all please send me a wee message.

How Can I Help?

My services include most household chores (washing, ironing, dishes, hoovering etc), if you need a pamper moment I’m happy to meet you at the salon and sit with your baby until you are finished, sit with your precious bundle whilst you shower, make lunch or dinner, take the dog for a walk.

If you are needing something done please just send me a wee message, no question is silly so please just ask, I’m happy to receive any questions or queries.

I will be there to help you physically and emotionally, if you need a little chat. If you have questions or problems I am unable to answer, I will do my best to find someone who can.
Bumps to Bundles

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